Laura de Wit

Veda-Projects (founded in 2015) specially aimes at the development and funding of commercial and residential projects and concepts for students / starters / staff and expats. In addition Veda develops flex living concepts internationally. Veda has developed itself in the last years as a renowned party in this quickly growing market.
Veda Project was founded by the Dutch Laura de Wit. Laura has studied law in Amsterdam and has been active since 1998 in international business enterprises throughout Europe. Since 2006 she has officially settled in Switzerland, from where she mainly focuses on the national and international real estate market. Laura also speaks at international events and works as a start-up/business coach.

Veda Projects offers its customers an impressive international network of developers, investors, end buyers as well as business know-how and do's and don'ts in these specific markets.

Joint ventures

Gaborin Construction

Yes, we can build!
Gaborin Construction is a Swiss Family construction company. Covering the Chablais region and the Cantons of Vaud and Valais that has existed since 1980.For many years, we have maintained a reputation for consistently completing quality projects on schedule and within budget. Which is why more than 50% of our projects are for repeat clients and why we enjoy many long-term relationships with subcontractors and suppliers.

Miller white group sa

Building Business Together
The Miller White Group is an international operating real estate company which is mainly active in the development of temporary and/or permanent real estate concepts. MWG develops, whether or not in collaboration with other market parties, real estate concepts such as student hotels, business flex concepts, Pre-fab solutions and commercial projects. We also form the pivot between investors, developers and operators in/for permanent or temporary real estate concepts.


Investments & Participations
Hillfield Investments & Participations is an independent company directed to invest capital and / or labor through participations, projects or by taking more or minority interest in new or existing companies


Ontwikkelen, Beleggen, Advies
Velderberg Vastgoed BV (established in 2009) is considered especially by advising in case of buying / selling investment properties, in addition to advisory commitments in the rental / purchase market and on development advices in the field of commercial property.


Your core values determine who you are and direct you through life and business. It is of great importance to clarify your personal and company’s values as they will determine your succes in the end. Not working with core values is pretty much like going on holiday without a destination...
You won’t make it, as you can’t get there ...
  • 1.  PERFECTION is also doing your best when nobody is watching
  • 2.  If it does not FEEL good don’t do it
  • 3.  Deal directly with the DECISION makers
  • 4.  Always stick to the story and be AUTHENTIC
  • 5.  Money is not your biggest MOTIVATION but you need lots of it to be able to agree to this
  • 6.  Always get paid by getting your fee SECURED upfront
  • 7.  Try to be the BEST at what you do
  • 8.  HONESTY is always the best policy
  • 9.  TRUST has to be earned from both sides
  • 10.  Maintain a healthy work/life BALANCE (work hard/play hard)
  • 11.  FLEXIBILITY is also saying NO sometimes
Your core values provide the compass that keeps you moving in the right direction



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